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I am passionate about public speaking and love being able to connect with live audiences. I am currently accepting bookings for late 2022 and 2023. Please use the email form linked to request a date and estimated time and I will contact you to discuss details, pricing, and address any questions either of us may have!

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jo the last few years and have been absolutely moved by her strength and bravery to share her life experiences with the world. Her compassion for people speaks volumes for her true character. Jo was born to be a master storyteller and I'm just honored to witness her journey unfold."

-Kristen Faith

"Her sincerity and compassion shine through and encourages the listener to trust her. Jo is a dynamic and engaging speaker who connects with her audience and makes us care. Jo is not afraid to dive in to difficult topics, while remaining attentive to the needs of her audience. I would gladly invite Jordan to speak for us again!"

-Sandra Merrell

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