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Footless Jo is, well, me - but more specifically, the part of me that is learning how to find a new normal after losing my leg on October 11th, 2018. I began chronicling my emotional and physical journey weeks before I was wheeled into surgery, and continue to film a few times a week. 

Below you can find my entire archive of videos relating to life after amputation! But don't be deceived - these aren't just for amputees. More than anything, I want people to know that no matter what they are facing, there is a way through it. I am in the midst of finding my way through this challenge - come with me.

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I was LIED to about therapy 😂
My amputated foot is FREEZING OFF
When it actually works out 😊

When it actually works out 😊

Thank you so much to Troxus for the bike adventure today! For 10% off your awesome ebike purchase, use this link or code BikingWithJo at checkout! Let's go for a 🚴 adventure today and talk. 😊 #Peace #Biking #Amputee ------------------------------------------------ Support This Channel 💜 Patreon: Merch! Socials ❤️ Insta: TikTok: Website: Discord: My P.O. Box 📫 Jo Beckwith 3578 Hartsel Drive #615 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Speaking Engagements 🗣 Want me to come and speak at your event, conference, meeting, panel, or school? Fill out this form to submit a request! ---------------------------------------------------- My Amputation Story! Fourteen years of pain and failed ankle surgeries brought me to 2018, when I made the difficult decision to become a twenty-seven-year-old below-the-knee elective amputee. This channel has documented my journey adjusting to life with a visible disability as an amputee, and continues to be a haven to discuss physical and mental health! Amputation Story Videos: Why Did I Lose My Leg? How I Said Goodbye To My Leg: Seeing My Amputated Leg for the First Time: Day in the Life of an Amputee: *Some of the links above may contain affiliate marketing*


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