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Patreon is basically an online tip jar where you have the opportunity to choose any monthly amount to support me. I offer a variety of rewards, from hand-drawn original artwork, to thank you notes sent to your mailbox, a monthly book club, and more!


I fully believe that we are all in this together - it doesn't matter if we have different life experiences, or if our struggles are a little bit different, we're all trying to find our way to a better life - and I know that we can help each other along that journey. Thank you for your support and for listening, whether or not you choose to support my Patreon page or not!

What can you expect if you pledge?

Each support tier offers its own individual benefits! However! On top of that, there are a few additional things you can be on the lookout for...


  • Early access to announcements! There are some really exciting things in the works, and I'm so thrilled to share them with you.

  • Random messages - because I love you guys! Whether by mail or e-mail, I love being able to reach out to you every now and again and say hi!

  • Q&A Priority - you will have priority when I do Q&A videos! I will make sure to cover all (or as many as possible!) Patron questions!

  • Early Video Access! When I have a video published ahead of time, you'll get access to it a day before everyone else!

  • Messaging - I make sure I respond to Patreon messages as often as possible. It is my priority to talk to you guys!

Where does your pledge go?

Along with supporting me, your pledge helps the following efforts:


  • Book Giveaways - I strongly believe in the power of education to help us all get through the dark times. Once a month I do a free book giveaway on one of my channels on Facebook and YouTube - your pledge helps to fund this project!

  • Closed Captions - working more than a full-time job makes it a little challenging to take extra time to caption my videos, but some of my viewers are hearing impaired. I'd like to begin to hire someone through Revcom or a similar source to caption every video so they are accessible to all. Your pledge allows that to happen!

  • More Videos & Content - I'd love to be able to release more videos and content, and spend more time planning and editing to provide the best possible content to my viewers and supporters. Your pledge allows me to divert the time I would usually spend working and funds the time I am spending on creating awesome content for you all instead.

  • Course Creation - I am in the process of creating a number of free courses for those facing surgeries, dealing with anxiety and depression, trauma, and more. Your support directly funds these online courses, and helps to keep the cost low - or free!

  • Saving for a Running Blade - running legs (or "blades") for below-knee amputees are generally many thousands of dollars ($10k or so) - we're saving up for one in the future for me, and a small percentage of your pledge goes towards saving up for a running blade, and a badass running-for-the-first-time video! ;-)


If you're interested in learning more or joining our Patreon community, click here!

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