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Capitalizing on My Disability

You caught me. I’m capitalizing on my disability.

I receive a wide variety of comments on my channel, the vast majority are lovely. A handful are less than kind. One caught my eye yesterday - “way to capitalize on your disability...” I’ve heard it before - many people have told me to shut up, that I’m “clout chasing”, that I’m doing it (cutting my leg off?) for attention or money, and the underlying message of all their comments - that I’m capitalizing off my I wanted to set the record straight.

Yes. I am trying to, every day - but let me clarify.

To capitalize means “to gain by turning to advantage.” Shouldn’t we all try to turn any unfortunate, uncomfortable, traumatic, or negative situation to our advantage? When crap hit the fan, why sit in the sh*t? Shouldn’t we all try to find any positive, look for the upsides, search for lessons and ways to grow and become better versions of ourselves and help others? I believe so.

We should never capitalize upon other’s in a negative way, or distort situations, or gain advantage by damaging others in ANY way - but when it comes to our own situations, I think it is prudent and wise and best to search for EVERY possible advantage we can find in our past. In our hurt. In our trauma. In our discomfort.

Why would we waste that? Life is too short and too beautiful not to.

So I’m going to keep trying my best to capitalize in the most positive way I can off what life throws my way, and I hope we all can.

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